November 2014, Diego and Dario Ferracani, Roman brothers under 30, are two young entrepreneurs who desire to experiment and establish themselves in the world of good drinking while creating something extraordinary.

Club’s Rules

1. Your club “license” must always be on hand when someone asks to see it.

2. The bill is paid by the team, not the individual.

3. The member is not always right, a person who is well-educated is always right.

4. Consumption is obligatory.

5. Don’t dress too casually or you’ll risk a “pit stop” outside.

6. We don’t serve drinks to those who have too much “fuel” in their body already.

7. Inside the circuit smoking is forbidden.

8. An hour from the last “spin” the track needs to be clear.

9. Respect the rules and you won’t be disqualified.

10. If you drink to forget, remember to pay in advance.